Weather Modification Programme By China

Like many previous occasions, China on October 1, 2019, China used weather modification programme to ensure there was a clear sky on its national day.

China’s Manipulation of Weather

China had manipulated weather on many occasions. Chinese authorities loved to have blue sky on big occasions. In a limited geographical area for a short duration, china had manipulated weather with moderate to small successes.

  • In the past, Chinese military had fired missile/rockets on the rain-bearing clouds. Such rockets carry dry ice, salt and silver iodide.
  • China boasts of many specialized vehicles that could throw streams of air to destroy any fog that threatens to approach a city, hosting a big conference or summit.


In 2014, during Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation, China famously demonstrated its ability to manipulate weather. During the summit, heavy haze and smog disappeared from the Beijing’s sky. Since, China’s ability to have blue skies on demand is referred as “APEC Blue”.

Environmental Modification or ENMOD Convention

This convention was approved by the General Assembly of the United Nations in 1976. India ratified this convention in December 1978. This convention bars countries from engaging military or any other hostile use of environmental modification techniques.

However, what is the matter of concern is any large-scale weather modification programme during peacetime, for which there is no international convention. Artificial weather programme, conducted by any country, should be stopped, for such programme could be a boon for only one geographical area. Neighboring areas could be adversely affected by such programmes.