Farm Income Mission; Privatisation Of Public Sector Banks

Farm Income Mission In the last year of its mission to double farmers income, the Centre admits that no actual assessment of farm income has been carried out since 2013. The government did not provide any details on what the base year for this goal is or what the targeted income to be achieved by …

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Measures To Reduce Loss To Crops

Government has assessed the damage caused to crops in the wake of natural calamities, pest attack, cold wave/frost, diseases etc., in widespread manner in specific states/locations, as and when required. Government has constituted Inter-Ministerial Central Teams during the year 2020-21 to assess crop damage in Madhya Pradesh due to pest/insect attack and Rajasthan in wake …

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Implementation Of National Food Security Mission

The government of India launched the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana (PMKSY) on 1st July, 2015 with the motto of “Har Khet Ko Paani” for providing end-to-end solutions in irrigation supply chain viz. water sources, distribution network and farm level applications. Components of PMKSY The components of PMKSY are: Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme (AIBP) PMKSY – Har Khet …

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Implementation Of Scheme for Farmers

Agriculture is a State subject. However, Government of India is implementing a number of Schemes, both Central Sector and Centrally Sponsored, for the benefit of farmers and the agriculture sector as a whole. Beneficiaries are usually selected by State Governments and therefore, details are available with them. In respect of major Central Sector Schemes, more than …

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National e-Governance Plan In Agriculture (NeGPA)

A Centrally Sponsored Scheme namely National e-Governance Plan in Agriculture (NeGPA) was initially launched in 2010-11 in 7 pilot States, which aims to achieve rapid development in India through the use of Information & Communication Technology (ICT) for timely access to agriculture-related information to the farmers. In 2014-15, the scheme was further extended for all …

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Agri Export Policy

The Government introduced a comprehensive Agriculture Export Policy in December 2018, with the following objectives: To diversify our export basket, destinations and boost high value and value added agricultural exports, including focus on perishables. To promote novel, indigenous, organic, ethnic, traditional and non-traditional Agri products exports. To provide an institutional mechanism for pursuing market access, …

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Training to Farmers to Increase Crop Yield

The Government has taken the following steps to educate/train farmers across the country about the latest machinery and technology to improve the quality of their crops as well as increase production and income by adopting the latest technologies for cultivation. The Government has established four Farm Machinery Training & Testing Institutes located at Budni (MP), …

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Crop Diversification In India

According to the UN population projections, India, in all probability, will be the most populous country by 2027. More than 600 million people will living in urban areas by 2030. They need safe food from the hinterlands. Average agricultural land holding size is only 1.08 hectare, according to 2015-16 data). Indian agriculture engages 42 per …

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