Can China Overtake The US?

Can China Overtake the US?

  • There is an ongoing discussion that China is emerging as a new superpower and replacing the US from the global power structure.
  • China has already become the global powerhouse economically.
  • It is expected to surpass the US as the world’s biggest economy by 2028.
  • Now the question is: can China be as complete and formidable superpower as the US has been for the last so many decades?
  • The answer is: No, China is not going to wield so much power. At best, will be closer to the erstwhile Soviet Union.
  • Despite claiming to superpower status during the Cold War, the Soviet Union was able to  match America’s strength in only leading alliances and military power. 
  • A democratic US will always will be superior power than the Communist Party-led China. US will have more influence on countries, culture, innovation, education and business.
  • China is a strong state with a powerful party bureaucracy. But this is not something which best of the minds look up to.
  • Geopolitics also does not favour China as it has the US. Unlike the US, China is surrounded by several powerful and competing countries.

Source: This note is based on an article titled China’s economy and military can overtake US, but it still won’t become global superpower, published in ThePrint.

India’s Opposition To CPEC and China’s designs

  • The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is earmarked as a flagship project of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).
  • This project aims to create an alternative route to transport oil and gas to China and to spurt economic growth and development across its remote western regions.
  • The CPEC cuts through Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (POK) and the trans-Karakoram tract of Shaksgam.
  • The entire region of Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) through which the highway passes is located close to the Siachen Glacier as well as to Ladakh.
  • Recently, India has reiterated its long-standing claim to GB in POK.
  • Economic motivation is not the only reason behind China’s interest in the GB. The region is strategically important for both China and India. Through CPEC, China is planning to expand and consolidate its presence in the region which India claims as its own.
  • CPEC gives China an opportunity to have greater influence in the Persian Gulf.
  • CPEC is the one of the most important parts of China’s Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). India continues to oppse the BRI.
  • India opposes BRI because CPEC traverses parts of Jammu and Kashmir illegally occupied by Pakistan and China.
  • India has maintained its consistent position in not endorsing the BRI.

Source: This note is based on CPEC: China’s designs, Pakistan’s ambivalence, and India’s opposition, published on The Hindustan Times