Daily PIB News (October 14, 2020): India And France Re-elected As President And Co- President Of The ISA

India and France were re-elected as the President and Co- President of the International Solar Alliance (ISA) for a term of two years at the virtual meeting of the Third Assembly held on 14 October.

Four new Vice-Presidents were also chosen to represent the four regions of ISA. The representatives of Fiji & Nauru for Asia Pacific Region; Mauritius & Niger for Africa Region; UK & Netherlands for Europe and others Region, and Cuba and Guyana for Latin America and Caribbean Region assumed the vice presidency.

Coalition for Sustainable Climate Action

The Assembly also approved the initiatives of the ISA Secretariat in institutionalizing ISA’s engagement with the private and public corporate sector through the Coalition for Sustainable Climate Action (CSCA). Ten public sector organisations in India presented a cheque for 1 million USD each at the assembly.

Solar Awards

For the first time since the inception of the framework agreement of ISA, Solar awards were conferred on countries of the region as well as institutions working for solar. The assembly witnessed the conferment of the Visvesvaraya award which recognizes the countries with maximum floating solar capacity in each of the four regions of ISA. The awards went to Japan for the Asia Pacific region and the Netherlands for Europe and Others region.

One Sun One World One Grid Initiative

The ISA has recently signed a tripartite agreement with the World Bank and the Government of India and is now actively involved in preparing a vision and implementation plan for One Sun One World One Grid Initiative to harness the power of inter-connected grids for enabling energy transition to a low-carbon world.

STAR C Network

In 2020, the ISA Secretariat has focussed on operationalising the ISA Solar Technology and Application Resource Centre (ISA STAR C) network, working with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) to do so.

Since the Second Assembly, ISA has commenced operationalisation of the STAR C project, including working closely with UNIDO to develop the operational framework and project document underpinning this project; Convening a consultation workshop on the development of the ISA STAR-C project in Paris from 25 to 27 February 2020, generously hosted by the Government of France; Developing the program for and launching the STAR C Webinars (the Solinars) to support the capacity development of ISA Members during COVID-19 – reaching approximately 450 people to date – with more sessions planned.

About IAS

  • The ISA is an initiative that was launched by the Prime Minister of India and the President of France on 30 November 2015 at Paris, France on the side-lines of the COP-21.
  • The overarching objective of the ISA is to collectively address key common challenges to the scaling up of solar energy in ISA member countries.
  • It also aims to undertake joint efforts required to reduce the cost of finance and the cost of technology, mobilize investments needed for massive deployment of solar energy, and pave the way for future technologies adapted to the needs.
  • ISA has been positioned to help create the conditions that would make funding, developing and deploying solar applications on a large scale a reality.
  • ISA is perceived as a key organisation working towards achieving the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and objectives of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.
  • The First Assembly of the ISA was held from 2 to 5 October 2018 in Greater Noida, India and was inaugurated by Mr. Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India and Mr. AntónioGuterres, UN Secretary General.
  • The Second Assembly of the ISA was convened from 30 October to 1 November 2019 at New Delhi, India. 78 countries participated in this Assembly. The Third Assembly of the ISA will be convened o 14 to 16 October 2020 in virtual mode.