Current Affairs Notes: July 9, 2021

Women Farmers In India

  • The ongoing farm protests have raised a host of issues that affect the sector.
  • Women form at least 42% of the agricultural workforce  in India.
  • Women own barely 2% of the cultivable land in India.
  • Women are excluded from land rights in a largely patriarchal social milieu.
  • Women farmers are unable access credit.
  • They are also unable to negotiate choppy bureaucratic waters to get support for the right inputs for their crops.
  • There has to be gender-neutral institutional reform in agriculture for women .
  • Women have been part of the agrarian crisis for a long time, though largely overlooked.
  • Women farmers need access to all aspects of the sector from technical training and pricing to marketing and finances.
  • The pandemic has left women farmers even more economically vulnerable.

Source: This note is based on the article Agri-reforms must focus on women farmers, that appeared on The Hindustan Times.

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Big Tech And Democracy

  • We have all benefitted from the Internet.
  • But somewhere down the line the winners in this internet battle (Big Tech companies like Facebook, Microsoft, Google and Twitter) seem to have become too big for their boots. They have begun to trample upon the liberty of their customers.
  • These big tech companies are not protecting our privacy.
  • Untill recently, experts were not in favour of the government regulating the big tech or internet in general.
  • Now, these tech companies need to be regulated as people don’t have alternative platforms. Almost all platforms look the same. All of these platforms have a scant regard for the privacy of their users.
  • Many social media platforms including Facebook has been behaving like the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Facebook seems to be the biggest culprit as it has blocked many contents on its platforms which were critical of the governments.
  • Social media platforms are attacking everything that the free world stands for.
  • Our freedoms are non-negotiable. Big techs should not be allowed to infringe on our freedom

Source: This note is based on the article Time for big tech to respect liberty or be forced to do so, that appeared on The Economic Times.

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Arm forest officers to fight poachers: SC

  • The Supreme Court on Friday urged the government to arm forest officers and provide them with bullet-proof vests and vehicles.
  • The SC’s observation came in response to India recording the “greatest number of mortal fatalities” among forest officials in the world.
  • Appearing before the SC, senior advocate Shyam Divan said India accounted for 30% of fatalities among forest rangers in the world.
  • Chief Justice Bobde said forest officials were up against a very powerful force. “Proceeds of crime are in millions of dollars. This is an international crime. Recently, I was told that the pangolin skin trade extended to China,” he noted